eNagar Sewa

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    This Central Application is named as “e-nagarsewa” and has been conceived and launched in order to give services to citizens of Uttar Pradesh and Employees of Urban Local Bodies. Latest trends and technologies like SMS Integration, Payment Gateways, USSD, Android Apps, CSC Integration, IVR Call have been used to address citizens. Citizens services are also provided via citizen dashboard after registration at the e-nagarsewa. The e-nagarsewa application has a stable, reliable and scalable application, which can cater to such a high population. To have seamless e governance services to the citizens, it is essential to have a better delivery mechanism, better information management and ensuring citizen participation in governance. E-nagarsewa intends to introduce automation and implementation of integrated framework for e-Governance by leveraging ICT with an aim to streamline, improve, and strengthen functioning of Municipal Governments and service delivery to citizens.

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